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Well my first introduction to Doctor Snyder was actually at the hospital. I had been in the hospital and one of my teeth got knocked out. He and Elizabeth came down on a Friday afternoon and fixed my teeth. The whole tooth, the whole crown got knocked out, and the little stub part there, and he came in and he fixed it. My husband had called while I was in the hospital to schedule an appointment to come in and see him the day after I got home from the hospital, but he said —and he knew how embarrassed I was having my front tooth missing— and so he said 'I’ll come down Friday afternoon.' It made me feel a lot better because I was really embarrassed about missing that front tooth. It really made me look a lot better and feel a lot better. He’s very kind, very gentle. The staff is wonderful. They always make you feel good when you come in here and it’s just been a really good experience here.