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Well I put off going to the dentist for years because I had such severe dental anxiety. I’ve been to several different dentists throughout the city trying to find one that made me feel comfortable, one that could kind of help me overcome that anxiety – so there’s been many in the past. So that’s why I was fortunate to find Doctor Snyder because he was able to kind of comfort me and kind of reduce that anxiety a little bit for me. He seems to genuinely care about his patients. As a matter of fact, I’ve never had a dentist come in and literally spend the time he spent with me trying to get to know me and know my past, even to get to know me personally – which is one thing that helped to reduce some of my anxiety. He actually showed interest in me as a person instead of just a patient. So Doctor Snyder kind of eased a little bit of my anxiety that way and then also once again he was quick to approach me with different methods of comforting, sedation, I know he offered several different sedation options for me so we talked about those and that helped. Yes – I absolutely 100% would recommend Doctor Snyder to all my friends and family. Not only would I, but I have, and I will continue to in the future.