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The thing I really noticed about Doctor Snyder’s office is that they don't make you feel bad about your current state. They don't use scare tactics as I’ve seen in other dentistry. They are just here to let you know that they're going to take care of you and everything is going to be okay… At that point in the appointment she took me to meet Doctor Snyder. He went over everything and I was very scared about multiple visits, you know, I needed cosmetic stuff. I was contemplating implant dentistry, so there was a lot of work. He actually helped me understand with sedation dentistry, I was essentially going to go to sleep and I was going to wake up and I was going to have a new smile. So we were able to set up the appointment, he actually opened up the office for me on a day that it wasn't open because I have a really busy schedule with work. So eight hours of dentistry, we came in and I wasn’t smiling before that appointment and I was smiling afterwards.