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“The thing I really noticed about Doctor Snyder’s office is that they don’t make you feel bad about your current state. They don’t use scare tactics as I’ve seen in other dentistry. They are just here to let you know that they’re going to take care of you and everything is going to be okay…”

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“Well I put off going to the dentist for years because I had such severe dental anxiety. I’ve been to several different dentists throughout the city trying to find one that made me feel comfortable, one that could kind of help me overcome that anxiety – so there’s been many in the past. So that’s why…”

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“I met Doctor Snyder here right after he took over this practice. It’s been outstanding! Every time I come in here I feel like an old friend. I think I was one of his first patients for his new procedure for making teeth. I had done a face plant on a steel deck and I had broken off a tooth…”

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“Well I had a great experience I had to have two crowns done at the very same time, which I was a bit reluctant to do. When I came in and he told me about his new equipment where he could basically cut out the crowns while I was in the office – it really alleviated a lot of my concerns…”

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“Well my first introduction to Doctor Snyder was actually at the hospital. I had been in the hospital and one of my teeth got knocked out. He and Elizabeth came down on a Friday afternoon and fixed my teeth. The whole tooth, the whole crown got knocked out, and the little stub part there, and he came…”

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